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Crypto Slang

Welcome to Educrypt Slang

A dictionary for crypto slang words!
Slang is commonly used by crypto enthusiasts and crypto communities. Learn about some of the more commonly used crypto slang words here.


FOMO – ”Fear Of Missing Out” describes a psychological state when an investor feels like missing an opportunity, it can for example be a combination of panic and envy for not having a position in a cryptocurrency that is moving up in price that others are benefiting from, but not you (who are ”missing out”).

Some people and crypto communities are using this psychological state to encourage people to buy a specific coin for a price that might not be as good as it seems. Because of this, there is important to never rush into doing something or buy a cryptocurrency based on FOMO. Instead, read about the project and invest only what you can afford to lose.


HODL – ”Hold On For Dear Life” is used to suggest holding on to your position/investing and not selling.


Shilling in crypto is the act of promoting a service or investment, for a financial incentive. Often by using propaganda or false or exaggerated narratives (often of low quality). Some people are using the word simply as an alternative word for ”marketing”.


FUD – ”Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” is a psychological method of sharing negative claims about a particular asset, to prevent people from buying or even selling. It is important to remember to think by yourself and not be affected too much by people that might have a hidden agenda for sharing shill or fud.


A whale in crypto is a person that owns a massive position in regard to a specific cryptocurrency, allowing a single person to move the markets with a single trade. This can in a lot of cases be a risk for other smaller investors that might buy in just before a while sells, which results in a major price drop and the small investor can lose a lot of money.

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